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FireAlert / FireAlert 2 FAQ

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This document is still in work!


I use Android 6 or a Huawai Smartphone, but FireAlert / FireAlert 2 will not work, when the phone is in idle. What can be the problem?

The new Android 6 or new Huawai Smartphone models use power saving option, which will stop working not so important application in idle mode. To change this, follow this small guides.

Android 6: go to Settings / Battery. Then tip the three dots on top and choose Battery optimisation. There you search FireAlert / FireAlert 2 and change the option to Not optimised.

Huawai: go to Settings / Power Saving / on the top Power Info / keep running after screen off. Here allow FireAlert / FireAlert 2 to be active after screen off.


Will be FireAlert / FireAlert 2 available for iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerryOS or a other moblie OS then Android?

No. Since I just develop FireAlert / FireAlert 2 in my free time, I do not have the time to get into a other OS beside Android. But there is a other reason too. I get many requests for a version of FireAlert / FireAlert 2 for other platforms, but some of them, like the iOS (iPhone) and Windows Phone 7/8 do not allow a 3rd party app to read incoming text messages. So it's not possible to make a version for these platfroms. For the Apple or Microsoft Store a developer have to pay 99$/year and for the Google Store just 25$ once. This is also a reason. FireAlert should be available for free and without advertising.


Will FireAlert / FireAlert 2 support email?

FireAlert not. FireAlert 2 yes! But there are some limitations and things that needs your attention. To use email with FireAlert 2 you need the K9 Mail Client. This client offer a interface to get the incoming mails. What you have to do to make it work:

1. Install the K9 Mail Client in the latest version.

2. Install FireAlert 2 (version 2.1.0 or higher).

3. Activate K9 Mail support in FireAlert 2 (general settings/general app status)

It's important that you follow the installation order of the apps, otherwise a permission for FireAlert 2 is missing and it will crash when you receive a mail!


Will FireAlert / FireAlert 2 support MMS?

Yes. FireAlert / FireAlert 2 support a basic implentation of MMS. Since MMS is not officially support by Android for 3rd party application, i can not guarantee that this is always working with your mobile. If you get your message as MMS and FireAlert / FireAlert 2 is not working, please leave me a short message and give me the inforrmations about your mobile, used Android version and the messenger application you use for MMS. Together we can find a way MMS is working on your device!


How can I use my own sounds in FireAlert / FireAlert 2?

To add your own sounds to the system, just read the article Android Custom Ringtones. These sounds are available to the whole system and you can use them in every app using alarms/ringtones/notifications.


FireAlert / FireAlert 2 is configured correctly, but does not fire. What is wrong?

You have setup everything right, but FireAlert / FireAlert 2 does not fire? Then please check the following things.
May you get a MMS, than it can be that MMS is not working with FireAlert / FireAlert 2 and your Mobile. In this case sent me a mail.
Or you may have a other SMS application installed. Users reported me problems if there is Handcent SMS or GO SMS Pro is installed. These application can be set as default messaging application. In this case the apps consume the SMS and no other app have the chance to react on this SMS. Handcent SMS have a option to set this as default application. If you disable it, FireAlert / FireAlert 2 should be work again.


- Open GO SMS Pro
- Open the menu
- Click the tab ‘Help’
- Click ‘Setup Wizard’

In the third page of this wizard make sure the checkbox ‘Disable other message notifications’ is un-checked

- Click ‘Complete’